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My Family

Me and my lovely wife Glenda


A late photo of Lucas

Our son, Lucas, was killed in Iraq, on Monday, April 16, 2007.
He served with the U.S. Army. We are all VERY proud of him
and all of our men and women in the U.S. and allied armed forces.

Please vist our Tribute to Lucas

I have two siblings, a younger brother, Corey, and a younger sister, Shelley.
Corey is a snack food magnate, and my best bud.
We enjoy just about all of the same things, which is pretty neat.
His potato chips, Kitchen Cooked, have the honorable distinction of
being "Esquire Magazines" number two rated "Best Potato Chips You've Never Tasted". You can
order his delicious chips directly from the Kitchen Cooked website.


Above is a photo of (left to right) me, Shelley and Corey a few years ago.

Below is a photo of (left to right) Shelley, Corey, and me many years ago.


Read about the life of my Father, Frank J. Starcevich.

My father, Frank J. Starcevich, died from prostate cancer on January 28, 1994.
He is survived by my mother, Joyce who fortunately, is in excellent health.

This is a photo of my father and mother.

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