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Rodgers Classical Organ

This Organ has been SOLD.

This is the console of the three manual analog Rodgers classical organ that was installed in the family room of our home.
This is very similar to the touring organ affectionately know as "Black Beauty" that the great
organ virtuoso Virgil Fox gave numerous concerts on during his "Heavy Organ" concert series.

This particular organ is a Model 330 Providence "Extended". The room that it was installed in is
23 foot x 20 foot (approximately, see photo below).

Here is a stoplist. This is a very impressive instrument. In this room were 32 speaker drivers in 13 cabinets
driven by eight high quality amplifiers comprising 1,630 Watts RMS.

This organ was sold in March 2006 to a gentleman in New Jersey. He plans on
eventually installing this organ in his home in Haiti.

The analog Rodgers
has been replaced by a new Rodgers Allegiant 677. The analog Rodgers
was a spectacular instrument, and I will certainly miss playing it, but I am
thrilled with the new organ. It was installed at the end of May, 2007.
Steven B. Smith of S. B. Smith & Associates performed
tonal finishing. The result is superb.

Dr. Colin Pykett, a Fellow at the UK Institute of Physics, and a noted organ authority, has published a very
enlightening article titled "The Electronic Reproduction Of Very Low Frequencies". His most recent
publication, titled "The End Of The Pipe Organ?"
is especially significant, as well as being thought provoking. These insightful articles are
of interest to all organ builders and enthusiasts. There are quite a number of other interesting publications posted on
Dr. Pyketts' website as well. I highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in the organ.

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